Easy Tips to Fix Electric Scooter Electric System

How To Fix An Electric Scooter Motor Not Running: Tips and Guidelines

With the advancement of the times, now there are vehicles that are made with electric power, especially if it is not an electric scooter. Using this electric motorbike, it is very easy for users, especially now that there are also motorbikes that are combined with a bicycle so that even if the user cannot ride their motorbike, they can still ride it because there is a pedestrian device like a bicycle. 2934b2f1dde3309a52ceccafef2eeeb1fa497ea1

Even so, however, the use of this electric scooter must always be considered for its physical condition. Because if you don’t pay attention, it will cause problems in the electrical system. Well, if the part is damaged, then immediately check some of these things, including:

1. Battery

One of the most common problems with electric scooters is the battery problem. If the motorbike has shown a condition where it has no power when driving, the speed decreases even though it has just been charged, and when it is immediately fully charged it is a sign that the battery is damaged. How to fix it? It is enough to replace the battery with a new one or if you do not have enough money, you can replace the damaged part of the battery.

Remember, after replacing the battery, never have to charge the electric motor for a very long period of time, avoid carrying heavy loads or uphill roads, and don’t accelerate too often.

2. Dinamo

In addition to the battery, the damaged part of the electric motor’s electric system is due to a damaged dynamo. The signs that can be seen if this part is damaged are when the motor is started, the engine feels lame, the engine can only be started if it has been given manual power, the engine rotates very slowly, the motor cannot be started when it is on gas.

To improve this condition, you can immediately open the electric motor seat, then look for the hall sensor port component and you will find five wires in green, red, yellow, blue, and black. Try removing the cable and starting the motorbike. If the motor rotation continues to limp when one of the colors is removed, then there may be another problematic component. However, if you unplug one of the five cables, and the loop is fine, then the cable is probably damaged. Immediately fix the cable.

3. Controller components

Damage to the electrical part is generally also caused by the component part of the controller experiencing damage which is indicated by the gas part of the motor that cannot be turned on even though it is on. The way to fix this is not difficult, where you just replace the controller parts with new ones. However, so as not to cause mistakes, when the replacement is good, take it directly to the repair shop. Because this part is a little sensitive to other parts.

Those are some ways to improve the electrical system on an electric scooter. Hopefully useful and good luck,

Author: Hann4