Are You Looking For Affordable, High-Quality Rv Repair?

A typical RV can be expensive to repair. For example, an RV refrigerator differs from a residential unit and requires special tools to replace it.

The Coach Specialists team is an expert in RV collision restoration and can handle all conversations with your insurance company from start to finish.

Roof Replacement

Your RV’s roof is a significant investment, and an RV Repair Center has the skills to ensure it gets done right. They can handle everything from repairs due to a collision, tree damage, or deteriorating rooftop sealant.

Each RV that comes into the shop has a bar code, which lets technicians know precisely who is working on it and what they are working on. That way, the customer is always aware of where their RV is and when they will see it again.

An average repair goes through 88 “touches,” spanning 16 departments, from the initial RV repair inquiry to returning the keys to the customer. NIRVC’s new internal workflow system eliminates that mystery by instantly showing the customer who has the RV, what is being serviced, and who it is waiting on for parts or warranty approval from the manufacturer or 3rd party warranty holder. That transparency helps NIRVC get the job done right and fast.

Body Work

Whether it’s minor damage from an accident or a significant collision, you can trust the team of experts at Coach Specialists to repair your RV. They are experts at bodywork, refinishing, painting, and much more. They can even help you customize your RV to make it uniquely yours!

Their expert chassis technicians will repair any damage to your RV’s drive train. They can also correct any issues with your chassis’s suspension, tires, and wheels. They can even fix any electrical problems you may have in your RV.

The O’Banion family is proud to provide a stable customer buying environment and a secure working environment for employees. Like other dealers, they have never had to lay off employees due to economic conditions. They have over 125 dedicated RV techs, service writers, and sales associates to help you with your needs. Call us today!

Interior Repairs

If your RV has been in an accident or suffered a cosmetic repair, we are here to help. We can restore your RV and get you back on the road quickly!

Our highly trained RVIA-certified technicians are ready to work on any chassis repairs you may need. They have the experience and knowledge to fix any problem and will save you money in the long run by repairing it right the first time.

MHSRV is also the #1 Entegra Coach dealer in America and carries the full line of Entegra Coach class A motor homes, including the Entegra Coach Emblem, Entegra Coach Odyssey, and Entegra Coach Esteem. MHSRV has always laid everyone off during the economic slowdown and continues to add new hires and promote current employees.

Your vehicle is treated with respect, safety, and integrity when it enters our facility. This approach to RV service has led to a loyal customer base and has made us one of the largest RV dealers in the world.

Exterior Repairs

RVs are complex machines with different systems. When you bring your RV in for service, the first step is determining the issue. An RV Repair Center will inspect the rig and test each method. Once the problem is identified, a partial order can be placed. Once the part arrives at the shop, it must be installed and tested. If the new feature solves the problem, it returns to the customer for final approval and billing.

This entire process can take weeks or even months, mainly if you deal with multiple manufacturers and 3rd party warranties. NIRVC is eliminating these delays by implementing a new internal workflow management system that tracks the RV throughout each department and service request. Each RV is assigned a bar code visible on the windshield, so the technician can see who has it, what they are doing, and what stage of the repair it is at.

Author: Hann4