Mikey Martin

Don’t call him a rookie

Mikey Martin looks to take the Grand National Circuit by storm.

Mikey Martin may be new to the Grand National Circuit, but he’s anything but inexperienced. Encouraged by his grandfather – a California Triumph dealer – from the young age of six years old – he’s had one impressive flat track career for someone his age. And since his father was also a flat tracker, Mikey is riding in his dad’s tread marks.

Mikey couldn’t be more excited to ride for the Bonneville Performance team in 2012. “Bill Gately has built an incredible machine. They’ve had their hands on every part of this bike, and there’s nothing they haven’t improved. I’m excited to be on the bike and looking forward to a great season.”

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To see Mikey in action, please watch:
Peoria Speedway Pro Singles Main August 2011

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Mikey Martin
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