Atom Bomb Trackmaster

Worth The Trouble

Atom Bomb Trackmaster Is the Ultimate Go Anywhere Custom Triumph

The latest Atom Bomb bike is a classic Triumph Trackmaster. Like most projects, this was a labor of love for Clay Rathburn and the rest of the Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles crew. Despite his experience, Rathburn quit working on the bike a few times because the difficult build was so frustrating.

The project started when a client provided Rathburn with a rolling Trackmaster frame with a bent up swingarm and clapped-out Betor forks. When he discovered the bike’s ’67 motor sporting a big-bore Sonny Routt 750 kit, big Kenny Harmon cams, steel H-beam rods, a lightened and balanced crank, and a five-speed conversion, Rathburn felt like he was working on a piece of history. And despite his reluctance to change anything, Rathburn eventually crafted the latest in a long line of custom Atom Bomb Triumph builds.

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Atom Bomb Trackmaster
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